Did You Know You Can Fight Unemployment?

Chances are that right now if you’re not out of work, you know someone that is, but did you know that you can fight unemployment?

Do you want to know how? Every time you pull your wallet out of your pocket you can fight unemployment and affect change in your community.

Right now the government is doing all they can to soften the blow, however the real power belongs to each and everyone of us. A little bit of money from many people goes a long way. How, you ask? By knowing where the money is going.

In excess of 4 times more of the profits stay in our community when you support a small independent business. This helps to create a better quality of life and generational wealth for the people in our community.

Small independent businesses with the right support, training and knowledge have the ability to grow and hire at a rapid pace, getting people back to work. This not only reduces unemployment, it spreads out the job loss risks associated with large businesses that leave a hole when they downsize or leave a community.

What if instead of just saving the jobs we already have if every small business had to hire one more person or maybe two or three or more?

Spending money with local independent businesses creates the jobs that sustains our communities. It employs our parents, brothers, sisters, friends and children.

Don’t think it will work? How many times have you donated a little bit of money to a cause like cancer or heart disease and think about the innovations that have come from that. What if we treated unemployment like a disease?

Who can Fight Unemployment?

Everyone! We all have a discretionary dollar to spend and can choose to support local independent businesses. The economic impact of mindfully supporting local independent business is monumental. It is our mandate to shift the mindset of as many or our population as possible to spend their money creating the maximum impact for our communities.

It’s about Shifting Your Spend and giving a local business the opportunity to earn your business.

Let’s fight our way out of this one dollar, one purchase, one job at a time.


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